He began his career as Head of Plant Maintenance, Electrical and Electrical systems on board and with a twenty-year career in the filed, in 1992 he founded Uniproget Srl together with his colleague Osvaldo Furia, being certain about the development and expansion potential of a business reality able to better adapt to a market niche represented by the design of electrical systems and marine automation in the small and medium segment.

Within the company, he serves as Head of Estimates and Projects dealing specifically with final testing at Uniproget headquarter; he enriches its expertise thanks to specific qualifications in various fields, including:

  • communications systems FIP / IO and Ethernet ioscan.
  • electrical systems design (SPAC Caneco 5.6)
  • calculation of electrical networks in low and medium voltage (Amps Professional)

At the center of his work there is also a broad knowledge of suppliers and technical and manufacturing characteristics of the products to be treated, which allows him to identify the best solutions in terms of quality, budget and timelines; from the preliminary planning phase, he follows each project to the operational stages of the implementation and verification of the results, adapting each business proposal to the specific needs of the customer and ensuring excellent quality products and services, thanks to a meticulous attention to the possibilities of customization and constant communication with the production area.

Contact: mircoperoni@uniproget.com