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Best example of refitting automation systems in the naval field are recent changes in class "IAQ" of some of the main units of the Italian rail network:

N / T Sybaris, N / T Rosalia, N / T Logudoro, N / T Garibaldi.

The first, N / T Sybaris, built in the yards of Castellammare di Stabia to enter service in 1970 was transformed in record time in the 'year 2002 at the shipyards of Messina.

In this unit, as in the other RFI refitting, were installed: a new integrated monitoring facility DCMSView 2000 a new management of the power system (PMS), a new control of the propulsion motors and generators safety, an 'update of' fire detection system and, in the case of N / T Garibaldi and N / T Logudoro, new remote control system of the propulsion, maneuvering orders, closed-circuit television.