Marine Automation

Uniproget was founded in 1992 by the conviction, and the will, of the property that there was a niche in the market, in the naval sector, in which there would be chances for success. This niche is represented by the design of electrical systems and marine automation systems in the small and medium segment, because of the yards interlocutors are the large industrial groups which have high structural costs and little flexibility of the product. The Uniproget instead focusing on the experience of its designers and engineers, the ability to directly implement on board their own solutions, the use of any hardware platform and as far as to create its own operating system themselves as a vanguard and actually winning. Uniproget well as providing the know-how it is also able to directly build the equipment and components necessary for the construction of the plant commissioned.

Uniproget offers its customers many services and customized systems that can be described briefly below:


Architectural services for electrical and electronic systems in marine and industrial fields. Preliminary documentation from the final draft.


A modernization, refitting, upgrades and even dismantling of obsolete automation systems.

Automation Systems

Design and implementation of automation systems. From simple to sophisticated machine control systems for the energy and security management.

Remote control and monitoring

Design and supply of remote control and monitoring systems, naval and industrial, standard and custom type.


Latest equipment for the construction of switchboards that meets current certifications and standards in the industrial and marine sector.


Open platform supervision and fully customizable and extensible. Uses standard components and easily available on the market.

Fire detection

By partnering with Autronica, design and supply of fire detection systems, with commissioning in the presence of certification class inspectors.

Integrated Bridge controls

By partnering with Boening, the sector leader, we design integrated bridge controls, where all the ship's systems are processed and displayed.

Case Study


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    Our decade-long partnership with "Benetti - Azimut", leader in the field of "yacht" production and "megayatch", has allowed us to…


    The Uniproget is proud to present you with this short series of images, one of the major achievements in the…

Our partners

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    Connection systems for electrical and automation panels | Automation Interfaces | Power Supply and Switch Ethernet

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  • Progea srl

    Software HMI SCADA | Software Building Automation

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  • Boening Automation

    Automation and control products | high-performance video display | SoftwareHMI | Integrated dashboards and navigation systems of Commercial Ship and Luxury Yachts

    Boening Automation,
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  • Autronica fire & security AS

    Fire Alarm Systems | Fire Extinguishing Systems

    Autronica fire & security AS,
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  • Rockwell Automation

    Industrial control components, Marino | motor control devices | Software for information management | HMI software | Safety technology safety / security | HMI and operator panels | Network Technology | control systems | Detection Devices | Rockwell Software | Plc and Safety controllers

    Rockwell Automation,
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